Who Says You Need All Four Wheels To Hoon?


This three-wheeled, spark-throwing wounded rally Fiesta is the epitome of “press on regardless.”

On the last day of Rally Spain, World Rally Championship driver Martin Prokop crashed after going too fast into a corner on Stage 17 and lost a wheel. The car still drove, though, so he kept going with three wheels anyway in hopes of bringing it in to service once the stage was done.


When Prokop got to the famous roundabout on that stage of the rally, do you think he just passed on through to keep limping his car onwards? Of course not. He drove around it as a tripod, just because he could.

Sadly, the damage was so severe that it forced Prokop to retire shortly after this, but it’s incredible the lengths that rally drivers will go to to keep going.


[H/T WTF1!]

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Stop using the word Hoon, its a sanctioned race, not Ken Block out bashing around some industrial area. Sure its aggressive, but there is nothing anti social about pressing on, just get the job done if it isn’t in the rule books that you have to finish with all four wheels. It might be anti social if he ignored the race officials and drove the whole course flying the bird out the window.

WTF Kinja, glitchy as hell.