Good lord. I guess this is what motocross would look like on a sportbike.

You’re looking at MotoAmerica Superstock 1000 racer Josh Herrin riding a Yamaha R1, or rather flying it, at Thunderhill Raceway. CycleWorld says this section of the track is known as “The Cyclone,” and getting some hangtime isn’t unheard of... but Herrin’s altitude is unprecedented.


That or it’s a nice PhotoShop job.

Herrin is ranked 6th out of 32 racers in the Superbike class and 1st out of 23 in the Bazzaz Superstock 1000 class of the 2016 MotoAmerica Championship standings. The next races are June 23-25 at the Utah Motorsports Campus, which you can watch live on the series’ website.