Who Could Forget You, Mirada?

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Okay, we admit it. We did. Completely. The Magnum replacement, (which itself replaced the Charger) was meant to compete with the Monte Carlo and its bretheren in the personal luxury segment. In fact, Lido apparently went to the King and asked him to campaign it in NASCAR, but due to aerodynamic flaws, Petty and other Cup drivers moved to other brands of vehicles. Still, with T-tops available, and everything from a Slant 6 to a 360 available under the hood, the Mirada could make for a great budget 1/8-mile street/strip beater, and a wonderful choice for Targa-style cruising through the Texas Hill Country on a late-summer night with H sker D 's "Sorry Somehow" cranked at a medium level with some Mope 5.9 rumble out the back pipes. Will anyone ever say that about the new Sebring?

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