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This was the last Los Angeles Auto show scheduled right on Detwa's toes. Later this year, the show will happen again. In November. Ostensibly, this is to allow more light to shine on the California event, which has been stepped on repeatedly by the NAIAS in terms of concept and new vehicle unveilings. We literally walked around the show saying, "Oh, there's that car from a year ago. Nice to see it in person."

If California were its own nation, it'd be Porsche's fourth-largest market, so it makes sense for them to debut cars there. But we wonder if it'll really become the showcase for the talent of the California studios the event producers are hoping for, or if it'll just become another boring year-end retread like San Francisco. Mack over at L.A. Voice has got an opinion, and he ain't 'fraid to rant about it.

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