Whither the 671-Horse Pickup: Macedo Motorsports Ram SRT-10

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Brutally overpowered pickups like the Ford SVT Lightning and Dodge Ram SRT-10 have always left us a little bemused. To us, trucks are by and large useful things, good for towing, hauling, or blasting flat-out across the Baja Peninsula. But the people like the horsepower, and who are we to deny them that? And although the Lightning's gone the way of the dodo, to eventually be replaced by something based on the ass-ugly Explorer Sport Trac, some Ram owners want to shore up their defenses should FoMoCo really come back to the party. Enter the Paxton-blown Macedo Motorsports Ram SRT-10. 671 hp. 627 lb ft. More tire smoke than Akron after an incendiary raid.


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