Breen’s other “package.” Photo credit: Massimo Bettiol

Boasts of gigantic brass balls aside, there’s a lot of talk about “packages” in racing. Rules packages. Aero packages. The whole package of the car and its drivers. You have to word questions about this carefully, or else a driver will assume you’re asking about the meaty bits between their legs—which happened at one World Rally Championship press conference this week.

The World Rally Championship held a “Meet the Crews” question and answer session ahead of Rally Sweden that produced this little nugget about, um, maybe nuggets? (You know, pants nuggets?)


WRC commentator Becs Williams asked driver Craig Breen, “Where everyone’s package is at—have you got a good package?”

The stage erupts in laughter, and offscreen, driver Mads Østberg interrupts Breen’s attempt at an answer with, “What kind of question is that?”

Given that it’s Rally Sweden, it is highly important to specify when you’re not asking about köttbullar and korv.

Breen opted not to comment on his dangly man-bits and quickly passed the mic away.


[H/T sonnybobiche1 on Reddit!]

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