Imagine being a Porsche or Ford exec and contemplating major changes to your most recognizable and beloved-by-zealots product. What a minefield!

Which Is More A Prisoner Of Tradition, Ford Mustang or Porsche 911?

Porsche has been building 911s since the Cretaceous Period- well, actually, since 1963- and has been shackled to that funky rear-engine chain gang by shotgun-wielding fanatics all this time. You want to replace the 911 with the 928, mein herr? Bust them big rocks into little rocks, boy, and keep that engine where it belongs! Amazingly, the zealots didn't burn Stuttgart to the ground when the 911 went water-cooled, but it was probably a close thing.

Which Is More A Prisoner Of Tradition, Ford Mustang or Porsche 911?

Even though Ford was able get away with slapping Mustang badges on a Pinto for a few years, the company remains under heavy guard by Mustang traditionalists, who view the car as a representation of America itself. Whew, talk about baggage! We're pretty sure that the Dearborn execs who thought that a Mazda-based front-wheel-drive Mustang would be a good idea have come out of hiding by now, but most likely they've had name changes and plastic surgery.

So, which car bears the heavier load of history? Will we see tritium-powered 911s on the Mars Base, reactors located behind the rear wheels, or will antimatter-drive Mustangs- still styled to resemble the 1964-1/2 version and still sporting the quantum equivalent of a live rear axle- be cruising the Magellanic Clouds?

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