Most actors don't get to chose which cars they drive in movies. That's usually up to the writer, director, or car caster. Yet somehow there are those actors who always end up in cars that manage to reflect a certain sensibility. Automotive typecasting if you will. Which actor ends up in the cars that most represent your tastes?

This question is inspired by the forumites over at VW Vortex's The Car Lounge who noticed that Joseph Gorden-Levitt has driven the trifecta of TCL-approved vehicles: E30 (500 Days of Summer), NA Miata (Looper), and an XJ (50/50).

Those cars, not surprisingly, also appeal to us. It turns out Levitt hates cars for some close-minded Hollywood reason, but his characters definitely fit us. Who is your automotive Doppelgänger?

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(Hat tip to @Salynch!)