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Ah, the French Champagne another fantastic QOTD sent in by you, our handsome, intelligent readers. This one if from Jason K and it goes a little something like this:

What are the top-10 automotive events must be attended to be considered a true gearhead?

I have only 8

1. 24hrs of LeMans
2. 24hrs of Daytona
3. 12hrs of Sebring
4. Frankfurt Autoshow
5. Bonneville Speed Week
6. Pikes Peak
7. Goodwood Festival of Speed
8. Monterey Historics / Pebble Beach


Well, obviously the "true gearhead" would need to attend both the 24 Hours of LeMons and the Altamont Pumpkin Smash. Or is that "true meshugena?" Hmmmm... What say you?

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