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Where's The Fun In This? SpeedAlert Tells Drivers To Slow Down

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Some folks at the Aussie company Smart Car Technologies have created a new system to stop speed-demons from having their way with the road. It's called SpeedAlert and it links real-time location data and speed from GPS satellites and checks it against a database of posted speed limits a driver stores on his or her PDA or phone. Because it relies on GPS, it doesn't even need to be hooked up to a car's speedometer. Instead, a little dashboard receiver sends a bluetooth signal to the PDA or phone with the software. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, the PDA shows the speed and sounds an audible (and programmable) alert if you don't slow down. Wow. We could have loads of fun with this one. Except we only want it if we can set it up the other way, so that it tells us to speed up when we get close to the speed limit. Otherwise, the thing is just totally useless to us.


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