The G5, unlike the entrance received by its more distinctly Pontiac brother, the G6, received a little bit less in the way of pomp, circumstance โ€” and giveaways. Whereas the V6 G6 received the full might of an Oprah appearance โ€” as well as the ensuing PR-gasm accompanying a give-away of 276 4-door coupes โ€” the G5 saw itself with a slightly smaller random act of kindness. Specifically, a kind act of one. How touching, how sweet, how totally inexpensive was GM's little treat to a young car-loving lad dreaming of a design destiny in comparison to the Oprah-gy of the G6's entrance. Well, at least it was on The Today Show right? Yeah, but it was at 8:41 AM EST โ€” is their demo even watching tv โ€” hell, is the demo even awake at that ungodly hour?

Sneaking Sally Through the Alley: Pontiac Reveals 2007 Pontiac G5 GT [internal]