Where Were We? Glen A. Larson Presents Automan!

Back in the 1980s, two men duked it out for action/adventure supremacy on the nation's airwaves: Stephen J. Cannell and Glen A. Larson. And between the two of them, they provided Generation X with some fine, fine televised entertainent. However, now and then even the greats fall short, and we're betting that Larson's Trontastic Automan was one of the projects that didn't fare as well as its creator had hoped. Bonus? Desi Arnaz junior and a Countach that takes corners at right angles. We almost wish we remembered this show. Almost.

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I remember the show. It was awful. Worse than Airwolf. Worse than Streethawk.

It was a cheap cash-in on Tron. Even witness "Cursor" which was a knockoff of "Bit". This was odd since Tron was a huge flop at the box-office. It featured absolutely zero computer effects (which were very expensive at the time) and a variant of the glowy lines effects that Tron used on people (which was also rather expensive due to the manual labor involved).

Every time the car turned a right angle corner, Desi Arnaz, Jr. would be slammed into the door/window. Presumably, the car only took lefts, since I don't remember him whacking into Automan.

I kind of figured we'd see this on this site instead:

Shows sure don't have 90 second intros anymore.