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Where They Raced: Trace LA's Motoring History For Free On Hulu

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Before there were highways, before there was air pollution, before there was gridlock, there was racing in Los Angeles. A lot of it. Where They Raced is a documentary that goes through that glorious history, and now you can see it for free on Hulu.

Where They Raced was one of the winners of the 2014 Jalopnik Film Festival, but until now the film wasn't available to see online like some of the other selections. Now it is! And you should check it out.


The movie traces the growth of car culture, auto racing, and the city of Los Angeles itself, and how those three things impacted each other. Perhaps more than any other city in America, LA grew up with the car, and that started happening well before World War II.


This movie goes through those early and brazen attempts at speed, and does so with tons of archive footage, vintage photos and interviews with people who lived it. It's a good watch.

Watch the movie on Hulu here, and if you liked it be sure to pick up the DVD at their official site. I just did your holiday shopping for you! You're welcome.