"Now he mad, man he really mad, and he want revenge/and he vows on his momma's life he gon' do him in" — Gucci Mane, remembering those who killed the mighty Geo Storm.

Yes, friends, the Geo Storm is gone. The rebadged Isuzu Impulse just wasn't desirable enough to beat the beigemobile '95 Mazda Protege. The early '90s Storm came with 140 horsepower for just 2,300 pounds in GSi guise and, dammit, it was a Geo. There hasn't been more of a joke of a carmaker in years, and you all had the opportunity to vote yourselves into a perfect little autocrossing/rallycrossing/burnout-smoking hoonmobile, but you didn't. You threw it all away. A Geo!

We also mourn the passing of the VW Baja Bug (taken out by the I-H Scout), the Crown Vic (taken out by the 190E), and the great symbol of small block righteousness, the F-Body Camaro (taken out by some Audi-engined snailmobile with a Porsche badge on it). I mean the 924.

Alright, with that out of the way, let's get started on some more voting. We're moving into the not-so-sweet 16 now, so shit is getting real.

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Top Photo Credit: Geo, Clkr, Caravaggio