Ever curious where all that sweet fluid you pump into your car every week comes from? Or the petroleum used to make half the stuff you own? Great News! The U.S. Government supplied us all that information, which we then put into a really tall chart.

From the data it looks like we self-produce almost half of our oil, and the biggest chunk of the part we import is from Canada! Canada? That's not so bad at all! Who feels bad about supporting a sweet, poutine-gorged Canadian?

If you've ever decided you really want to stick it to one or another oil-producing country by not buying their filthy black oil, I'm afraid you're out of luck. That's because gas stations buy fuel from refineries, and refineries get their black gold from wherever they get the best deal. You're better off vandalizing an embassy.

And, just to clarify, the total petroleum numbers include the amount of crude oil plus refined products, like gasoline. That's why countries like Iraq, with minimal refining capabilities currently, have the same number for both. Not all the data on the refined numbers was available.

Anything about this information surprise you?

(Source: US Energy Information Administration)