Where U-Haul Trucks Go To Die But Actually Keep Working Forever

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You know that guy down the street with the rusty old Ford Aerostar on his lawn, that’s stacked to the roof with old magazines or tools or whatever? Apparently U-Haul does that on a corporate scale. When their trucks die, the cargo boxes become storage lockers.


U-Haul’s very proud of this initiative, citing “11,000 tons of CO2 emissions” they claim they’ve saved by building 640,000 square feet of storage space out of truck carcasses instead of concrete.

They literally just pull boxes off the trucks, drop them onto a “foundation” of a few cement blocks, repaint, and rent ‘em out. It’s a solid repurposing, I’ll give them that. U-Haul says 5,200 truck bodies have been effectively turned into buildings to date.

But maybe instead of enabling hoarders, these truck boxes could be turned into some kind of inexpensive housing mechanism. Eh? Anybody wanna come back to my box-truck apartment? Hey, it’d probably be nicer than what $1,000 a month buys you in Brooklyn.


Images via U-Haul

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