NASCAR's Matt Kenseth Defines 'Burnsauce' In A Single Tweet

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NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and current involuntary vacationer Matt Kenseth congratulated Jimmie Johnson on his sixth win at Texas Motor Speedway, but didn’t hold back a mention of the spat that led to his current two-race banishment in the process.


Here’s how Johnson got that win, with a skillful pass around Brad Keselowski in the last four laps of the race. Keselowski led 312 of the race’s 334 laps, and Johnson only led six—but it was one of those six laps that mattered when the checkered flag dropped:

Here’s what Kenseth had to say about that:

“Quintessential” is, of course, how NASCAR chairman Brian France described the move Joey Logano made on Kenseth’s back bumper at Kansas that bumped Kenseth from the lead.

Losing the chance to win there combined with poor results in the other two races of that round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup ultimately knocked Kenseth out of contention in NASCAR’s bizarre playoff-style means of determining its championship. (You know, the one where the guy who wins the most regular season races of the year — Johnson — gets knocked out early. That one.)

Kenseth was no longer a contender in the Chase at Martinsville, so he got his revenge on Logano by knocking him into the wall there. As a result, NASCAR barred Kenseth from racing in the next two Sprint Cup events: today’s race at Texas Motor Speedway, and next week’s race at Phoenix.

Something tells me that Kenseth would like to demonstrate a few things that are actually “quintessential” to Mr. France.


Love him or hate him, you can tell that Kenseth’s still not very happy.

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