When Totally Frigging Awesome Isn't Enough: Carroll Shelby's Personal 800hp Twin-Supercharged Cobra Goes on the Block

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The only thing better than a 1966 427 Shelby Cobra is a 1966 427 Competition Shelby Cobra with not one, but two Paxton superchargers that stump up 800 hp. Shelby built two, and Bill Cosby killed one of them. Now the survivor can be yours. Come middle of January, 2007, for the low, low price of "no reserve," you will be able to bid on Carroll Shelby's personal ride. OK fine — as this particular Cobra is probably only slightly less valuable than the Daytona Coupe that beat Ferrari at Le Mans, unless you are one of the five richest Sheiks in Qatar you won't be able to buy it. But you can at least bid. What? Barrett-Jackson doesn't let riff-raff scum from teh internets place phony bids on priceless cars for the hell of it? Bo-ring.


Carroll Shelby's Personal Dual Supercharged 800 BHP Cobra [gizmag]; Shelby Cobra CSX 3015

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I look forward to watching this car get auctioned 5 times a day 7 days a week on the Speed channel in the year 2007.