We decided to hold the First Annual LeMons South Chili Cook-Off today, and the Best Chili Presentation trophy- if we had such a thing- would have to go to the Tunachuckers Volvo Amazon team.


The Index of Effluency and Heroic Fix-winning Tunachuckers had some bad luck early on; their engine's oil drain plug fell out on their very first lap under the green flag, which led to all the oil spewing onto the asphalt and a spun rod bearing. Whoops!

They tried to de-seize the engine by push-starting, but no dice. Then they took the ol' B20 apart, grabbed the decorative rod from the car's roof (a souvenir of their Heroic Fix 40-minute long block swap from the last race), cleaned up some trashed parts-stash bearings with a Dremel, and got the whole mess back together.


Success! In an ideal world, the Tunachuckers would have gone on to take the overall win... but, in the real world, their "rebuilt" engine lasted about five minutes before spinning some more bearings. That's when the team, with no spare engines in reserve, decided to shift their focus to chili cooking.

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