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Holy crow! Discovery Channel put on event called “Monster Jump” with the Diesel Brothers this Memorial Day because Freedom and whatnot. As part of that effort, Tanner Godfrey jumped a tiny Polaris RZR XP Turbo S over 247 feet. While not quite as long as the car long jump (owned by another Tanner, Mr. Foust) which stands at 332 feet, it’s still mighty impressive for the small side by side.


For the feat, the RZR was upgraded with a custom suspension, BFG KM3 tires, Sparco racing seat and harness system, and a full roll cage. We are intimately familiar with how dangerous rolling a side by side can be, so this all seems prudent.


This jump was part of a two-hour hype and drama machine that also included bonkers stuff like jumping over a stunt plane with a monster truck, for some reason?

And a backflipping monster truck, too!


I wouldn’t have wanted to watch two hours of this, but these three clips make me feel like a True American. Lick the stamp and fuckin’ send it, brother! Let’s jump some shit.

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