Here's What Happens When You Light A Whole Fireworks Show Inside A Van

(Photo Credit: colinfurze/YouTube)
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Of course you’re always careful and sober when you make that summer trip across state lines to pack the trunk of your car with fireworks. Doesn’t stop you from wondering– what if they went off in here? Here’s that idea taken way too far.

Colin Furze is a Mythbusters-type character who likes to build cool stuff and film it. Apparently one of his projects involved hauling an inordinate amount of fireworks across town in a Ford Transit Van eliciting responses like– “imagine if they’d gone off!?”


So Furze went ahead stuffed a van slated for demolition with boxes and boxes of something ominously called “Sky On Fire,” set up a bunch of cameras, lit the fuse, and ran away. And waited.


He didn’t have to wait too long, though. I have to admit part of me thought the van would contain the smoke and light show within its cargo bay, but obviously I vastly underestimated the actual incendiary power of these fireworks.

You would be hard-pressed to get this level of destruction from an accidental discharge of “personal use” fireworks in the trunk of your own car, but I probably still wouldn’t spark a light near one of those boxes until I was good and ready to really celebrate freedom.

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When I was a kid we’d hoard fireworks and then dismantle them and build giant pipe bombs.

If I was a kid now id definitely be on the terror watch list.