When Ferrari-Smashing Parking Attendants Attack

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Continuing our Monday morning Ferrari smash-up meme, check out this Ferrari 575M spotted in L.A. looking like it was taken for a Ferris Bueller-style valet joyride. Unlike the mileage run-up in the movie, this 575M seems to have come back in a noticeably more Cameron Frye-like state of wellness. We'd hoped that Audi A8 from Brooklyn was a mere isolated instance of parking valet hoonage, but perhaps this incident demonstrates it can happen no matter the 'merican coast. Oh, and by the way, although we've got absolutely no proof parking attendants were the cause of this catastrophic waste of good Italian metal, we've also got absolutely no proof they weren't the cause. Take that, journalistic standards! [Hat tip to Anthony!]




"Plan A" for making a more compact GT didn't go as well as planned.