When Engineers Attack: SuperDuty Version

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Car photog Chris Doane, whose partial shots of prototypes and near-production models have graced these very pages, recently faced down one of nature's fiercest adversaries: The automotive test engineer. As Doane was casually shooting a "low value target," the 2008 Ford F250 Super Duty Powerstroke — spy photos of which have already appeared in several outlets — the driver went crazier than a bowl of fuck.

This guy barrels towards me while Im sitting at the intersection and it looks like he's just going to flat out ram me. Instead he uses the Super Duty to block the *entire* intersection and parks about 1 foot off my front bumper...

... So I drop it into "R" and floor it. I get turned around and take off in the other direction. In about 15 seconds I can see him flying down the street after me in my mirrors. Know how black smoke pours out of diesels when you put the hammer down? Yea. Lots of black smoke.


Think that's all? Not by a long shot. Read on... [Hat tip to Zerin]

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