True, the 420 models are common-rail turbodiesel MB products we can't get in the states. However, with the Detroit introduction of Audi's stump-yanking yet chicky micky Q7 V12 TDI we're betting we'll be seeing these urea scrubbed toughies sooner than later. Which means that Brabus has got a tuning kit for us. It is called the PowerXtra D8 (III) and not only will it Bruce-up the GL and ML with full Brabus bodywork, but will in fact fit any Euro 4 Mercedes diesel. If there is one thing we've learned, it's that 516lbs. ft. of torque sucks. Yes sir, we need 590 pounds of twist per foot like Paula Abdul needs an intervention. The GL450 is already our favorite wide-body SUV with it's politically incorrect petrol unit. We're grinning and nodding just imagining the thrill of an 800Nm oil-burner underfoot (even if it would put out more than 307g/km of C02). And yes, for those wondering, 800Nm equals about 590lbs. ft of torque. And no, we don't like the metric system either.

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