When 39 Used Cars is a Sales Improvement: Porsche's Q1 Numbers

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Okay, we know. Porsches are rather pricey. We could probably afford a clapped-out, rusted-through 914 right now if we made a pledge to jam econo that we wouldn't break if a pretty, brilliant girl who owned the entire SST discography (or at least the good part of it) stepped into our path. But when you own 20% of Volkswagen and most of your cars aren't ridiculously ridiculous-expensive, it seems sort of like bragging that you can huff your own dong to trumpet that you've sold seven more used cars than you did last year at the time. Great, fine. It's an achievement, but you're not actually getting real action from anyone else.

Porsche Sales Up 13% in USA and Canada [The German Car Blog]

Porsche Has Best-Ever February in North America [Internal]


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