What's Your Favorite One-Off?

Ben's post on the All-Wooden Speedball Special got us thinking about those glorious cars made all the more glorious by their unique nature. There's nothing like a one-off, its proud owner explaining the story of the auto's special provenance. Take the Packard Hearse or the Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5. They're wonderful oddities. In the history of the automobile there have been many created, but which one sticks out as your favorite? Personally, we've always loved the shape and style of the Bentley R-Type Continental Racer. The one-off racer has that distinct and strange and captivating long-tail body that may or may not provide an actual aerodynamic advantage. The black-on-black paint scheme is also unique and not just some aftermarket job. This one-off is the real thing. (QOTD is your chance to answer the day's most pressing automotive questions and experience the opinions of the insightful insiders, practicing pundits and gleeful gearheads that make up the Jalopnik commentariat. If you've got a suggestion for a good "Question Of The Day" send an email to tips at jalopnik dot com.)

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