Many great movie cars often come from car movies, like Steve McQueen's 'Stang from Bullitt, James Bond's Aston Martin and The Bandit's Screaming Chicken. But not all of them. What's your favorite non-car movie movie car?

Maybe it's because we were up after midnight last night watching TCM. Maybe it's because we just love Volvos. Maybe it's because we're Watergate freaks. Whatever the reason, we're picking Bob Woodward's gray Volvo 122S from All The President's Men. In addition to being a great car in its own right, and a great film, has a car ever so perfectly matched the characters? It's great car casting. The conservative bachelor's car for Woodward with just a bit of Euro flair with shabby Bernstein smoking like a Pontiac in the passenger's seat.

Oh there are so many. What's your favorite non-car movie movie car?

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