You can't stop Japan Week, you can only hope Mothra is preoccupied. Well friends, Spin, Wert and Ben are still on the east end of the Pacific Rim, taking care of business Tokyo Auto Show style. Which leaves Murilee and I even more spare time to endlessly IM. And that's where today's Question comes from. We've often gone on record stating that like Porsche, Mazda and Honda find ways to make all of their products driver-centric. Well, maybe not so much Honda, with all those trucklettes they currently offer. But Mazda fo' schnizzle. That said, we are currently on our second WRX in a row and the new 5-door only STI is filling our head with (dumb) thoughts of dipping into our (meager) life savings. How can you argue with one pipe-per-cylinder? Oh yeah, Tribeca. So, we'll stick with Mazda. Zoom zoom, y'all. You?