With all of us in Hyperloop-generated daydreams of whooshing around the globe in tubes, like so many speedy turds in toilets, the grim reality that this grand plan may never happen started to sink in. Which started us wondering — what's your favorite failed utopian mass transit concept?

Sure, nothing will ever beat the freedom and independence of driving on your own, in your own vehicle, but sometimes you just want to lean back and read your filthy pornography in peace while you whisk across the landscape. There's been no shortage of failed attempts to radically improve mass transit, but I think my pick would be the Bennie Railplane.


The Bennie Railplane was basically an overhead rail system with propeller-driven trains. It would have been fast, loud, and probably amazing to watch as these prop-driven metal snakes roared by overhead. A prototype system was built in Scotland in the '30s, but the system failed to find funding, and that less than a mile of amazing was all there ever was.

So, what's your favorite ultimate people-mover that never was? Let's see some pictures here!