What's Your Favorite City Service Vehicle?

Even a small community requires a large fleet of cars, trucks and bulldozers to keep a city functioning. What's your favorite city service vehicle?

Call us crazy (you often do), but we love the common three-wheel Pelican-style street sweeper. Designed in 1914, the idea for the broom-style system is simple. It uses large brooms and suction to grab tiny dust particles into the "hopper" lodged upfront. With it's three-wheel setup it's easy to maneuver, able to angle around cars and other obstacles while keeping the street clean. Back in Chicago, they often had the ubiquitous sweepers of this style painted to look like modern art or, even, to celebrate the Cubs. Given we're pro clean, empty streets we're big fans of any and all street sweepers.


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Photo Credit: Flickr

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