What's Your Favorite Australian Car?

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With the Melbourne International Motor Show in full swing we thought we'd focus on all the things that make us love the cars from down under. On the new side, it's hard not to love the Z06-powered HSV Super Sedan or the new FPV Ford Falcon (a car so hot the Mark Fields personally asked for his own to be delivered to North America). And what about those utes? The HSV Maloo or FPV Falcon Ute? Why not both? And those are just new cars. If the classic cars weren't great people wouldn't be stealing them constantly.


And what about the fictional cars? There are at least a few V8 Interceptors running around the outback doing their best Mad Max. What's your favorite Australian car, old or new?


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Rob Emslie

1993 Mitsubishi Diamante. What do I know from Ausie cars?