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What's Wrong With This Corvette Grand Sport?

Illustration for article titled Whats Wrong With This Corvette Grand Sport?

This brand-new Corvette Grand Sport, spotted by a Corvette Forum member outside a dealership in his local town, has something wrong with it. Can you spot what's wrong?


If you guessed that the Grand Sport's hash marks are pointing the wrong direction — you are correct.


CorvetteBlogger tells us the ironic part of this story is had the stripes been installed incorrectly on the Grand Sport at the factory instead of the dealership, you would have a 1 of 1 collectible. D'oh!

[Corvette Forum via CorvetteBlogger via MichaelBanovsky]

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soooo, it's a vette with some decals and a z-06 body kit, and better wheels and brakes. woo-hoo. I haven't been this excited since I put my socks on this morning. Or since the warner bros edition venture hit dealerships.