OK smarty-pants— you dumped all over Dan Neil for being a communist, liberal elite, ivory tower, Jane Fonda French kissing, Volvo/Saab/Prius driving, latte-sipping, car-hating hippie socialist. Sure, he's dead wrong on the Rambo Lambo, but 49 out of 50 ain't bad. So now it's your turn. Show us what you got. Bonus points will be awarded for beating Dan's Cimarron write up ("Everything that was wrong, venal, lazy and mendacious about GM in the 1980s was crystallized in this flagrant insult to the good name and fine customers of Cadillac") and coming up with a viable worst 10 list. Super bonus points will be showered upon the individual who deems to bang out a 50 worst. My vote? See above. Good luck.