When it comes to car movies, we all know the big ones. You got your Bullitt, your Grand Prix, your Le Mans, your Ronin, even your Two Lane Blacktop. But what about the rotten tomatoes. What's the worst car movie of all time?


Before there was Days of Thunder, way before there was Talladega Nights, but slightly after there was 1965's Redline 7000 (an early James Caan vehicle) — there was 1967's Nascar stinkbomb Thunder Alley. A tone-deaf merger of the increasingly passé teen beach genre and increasingly trendy car-racing genre, Thunder Alley starred the one-trick Annette Funicello, hopelessly in love with proto-Bieber Fabian, who only has eyes for the race track. Even the vintage racing footage won't get you through the nauseating date-movie dialogue and the laughably low-budget sound-stage set design. That is, unless you watch it while drunk on irony, or merely drunk.

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