In the last few days I've started the move from Chicago to Houston. Last night an unusually strong storm blew through Northern Illinois and Chicago with hurricane-force winds (shutting down a Cubs-Astros game). Good thing I removed myself to Houston, where a French-named strong tropical storm is now bearing down on me. Understandably, I'm not driving right now. But anyone in the Houston area watching the news is getting minute-by-minute updates on people spinning out and wrecking their rides. And this is a weak storm.

We've driven through worse and we're sure you've driven through worse. Driving through a hurricane is no fun as you can feel your car getting pushed off the road (just stay home). Driving through a snow storm is even scarier as you can't see what's going and the white stuff overwhelms your vision (just stay home). A serious flood is perhaps the most frightening of all, as you watch the water rapidly rise (stay on high ground). So what's the worst weather you've driven through? [Photo: Getty Images]