What's The Ultimate Pizza Delivery Vehicle?

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Back when I was a young Anteater, I was able to make a few bucks wrenching on fellow students' cars, but- in spite of living in a campus trailer park for 75 bucks a month- economic reality dictated that I get some sort of "real" job. So, I took a gig delivering pizzas to rich folks in Newport Beach in my Competition Orange '68 Mercury Cyclone. After a few weeks, I realized that I had the perfect pizza-delivery rig (for an era of sub-$1 gas, anyway), and here's why: when you roll up to a big mansion in a ritzy guard-gated beach community in a jacked-up Cyclone with a 351 bellowing through glasspacks, Mad Max-style white-spoke rims with the rear wheels sticking out about 6" from the fenderwells, and "Iron Fist" blasting on the stereo, and you park the car in the driveway with the engine running... well, let's just say the pizza purchasers can see their property values plummeting by the second and will fork over a fat tip just to make you go away quickly. So what's your ideal pizza-delivery machine?


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Rob Emslie

The red one in front for "veggi-personal pan" deliveries. Black one in back for the large "meat-lovers" special, with a side of wings, and don't forget the ranch dressing and a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi. Ooh and an order of the garlic bread, I love that stuff!