What's the scariest crash-test video?

In the age of safe cars, the widespread distribution of crash-test videos on YouTube offers insight into what had been a kind of dark art. But looking back, there are some test videos we'd rather not contemplate. What's the scariest crash-test video?


The way this Volkswagen T3 pickup crumbles into scrap after hitting the test wall makes for one of the most shocking crashes ever captured on film. Of course, it's not a test for the VW's day-to-day worthiness (which is still shocking, considering modern cars' stellar crash results); it's been fitted with a full load of cement blocks in an effort to test the crash worthiness of the wall. And no dummies were harmed.

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I'll be honest. The smart car crash test scares me; not because I don't believe the car is safe (as its safety cell proves otherwise). What scares me is how far away the car bounces from the barrier after the test.

In my head the scenario plays out something like

- Driver: Looks down to grab his latte\

****CRASH****..... skids away from accident BAM!!!!! Hit my a Freightliner because the car bounced into oncoming traffic.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the properties of momentum and Force and I know why it happens. I just really don't like it. So if I was in the market to buy a really tiny, not very efficient, overly expensive 100hp (Brabus) 2 seater, that crash test might stop me.