What's The Most Famous Car In The World?

In Top Gear's phenomenal new special about 50 years of James Bond's cars, Richard Hammond makes the bold claim that Bond's Aston Martin DB5 is the most famous car in the world.

He may be on to something there. First featured in Goldfinger and having made notable appearances in other Bond films throughout the years (including a fairly badass turn recently in Skyfall), the car is synonymous with the world's most famous secret agent. Even if people don't know that the car is an Aston Martin, they know it's Bond's car. That kind of recognition is hard to beat.


So here's our question this weekend: what's the most famous car in the world? I think the DB5 is a good answer, but I would argue that the original Volkswagen Beetle is more famous. It's so ubiquitous, has such a classic and timeless design, and can still be found in good working order all over the world. It's hard to top the Beetle for fame and notoriety.

Your turn, Jalops. Tell us what you think the most famous car is. How to define "most famous?" Well, I'll leave that up to you guys.

Photo credit Ed Callow

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