Every year brings new cars and the promises of new loves or rekindled affairs. Some, like the 2010 VW Golf TDI, live up to our high expectations. Others do not. What's the most disappointing new car?

The Nissan Cube was going to be our jam, offering a comfortable and thoughtfully-designed econobox for the urban driver on the model of the Kei cars of Japan. Instead, the Cube is just a funkier Nissan Versa offering a driving experience well behind the Honda Fit with only passable efficiency and interior styling ruined by the curvy outside windows. It's not the little Japanese car we wanted, it's just another little Japanese car we don't care about.


What's disappointed you? What raised your hopes only to throw them on the ground, stomp on them a few times, and then casually spit on them as it drives away?

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