What's the most awesome motorsport no one knows about?

Everyone knows Nascar, and Formula One and Le Mans and NHRA. Some even know WRC and ALMS and Grand Am. But what's the most awesome motorsport no one (or hardly anyone outside its country of origin, perhaps) knows about?


For this, we're looking outside the world of rubber tires, or even tires at all, to one of the joys of both the Pacific Northwest of the US and the sport's founding country of New Zealand. That is, sprint jet boat racing. These little buggers range from 500 horsepower to over 1,000, hit straightline speeds of more than 80mph and routinely pull 3g-7g in tight turns. Thanks to YouTube, there's a ton of jet boat sprint racing footage online, even if it never materialized as the motorsport of the future. Others?

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Ice racing. With cars.

Oh and use to watch the jet boat racing at like 2am on Speedvision before it because NASCRAP TV.