What's The Lamest Excuse For A Crash You've Heard?

The excuse given for the Bugatti Veyron Crash earlier? "A low-flying pelican." Ridiculous. Can you top that? What's the lamest excuse for a crash you've heard?


We're also including "lamest excuse given" in this for those bold enough to admit when they're completely full of it. Our favorite comes from a friend-of-Jalop who crashed into another car and then went off the track at Northern Illinois' own Blackhawk Raceway. The friend was in an E30 race car and the person he crashed into was driving a Fox-Body Mustang. His excuse? "Dude, Mustangs just have more brakes." Yeah, sure. It's what Mustangs are known for...

What about you? Surely you or your friends/family/lovers have done worse and claimed more.


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