Subaru fans around the world have been wondering why the Scoob dropped more than a decade's worth of branding effort by renaming the Impreza WRX in Japan the S-GT. According to the company, it's because the hand that feeds also has an itchy trigger finger. Product planning viscount Naoyuki Yamauchi says the company aims to take some of the perceived edginess away from the midline sports model. Apparently customers were being scared away by the rally connection, which was at odds with the company's plan to make the WRX model a volume seller. The ride feel, Yamauchi says, has also been retuned to be less rigid and thus having more mainstream appeal. But alluding to the STi, Yamauchi says the company won't leave its strong enthusiast base in the lurch. They've prepared a "special model" that will be introduced later. Tokyo here we come. [Thanks to Stephen for the tip.]

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