Yesterday, we wanted to know what was the most unattractive great car. Now we want the inverse. What's the best looking crap car?

Inspired largely by Chip Foose, the Plymouth Prowler is one of those vehicles you slow down to look at the first time. Could it be real? In the midst of cab-forward, LH ennui Chrysler was offering up a drop-top, open-wheel, RWD hot rod. Even today the design turns heads. Unfortunately, the powertrain is the same lame 214 HP SOHC V6 (or 253 HP in later models) tied to a 4-speed automanual. Look, hot rods are two things: big looks and big power. Unfortunately, the becoming Prowler never had the bite to match its bark. Additionally, the lack of a useful trunk nd rough-riding suspension conspired to create one too many comprises for style.

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