One of the best parts about sci-fi movies that take place in the future — aside from seeing what sort of shiny jumpsuit fashions we need to be buying — is seeing all the visions of what cars will be like in the future. And there's been some good ones. So which ones are the best?

There's lots of standouts — Sid Meade's flying and still oddly smoky cars from Blade Runner, the thinly-veiled Audi commercial from I, Robot, the distopian jet-Messerschmit from Brazil, Gattaca's hip electro-modded resto cars, but I think the inflated-flying-retro rides from The Fifth Element might be my personal pick.


Look at that cab; it looks like Bugatti hit money troubles in the 2070s and got bought out by Suri Cruise's latest venture, New Checker Taxi Company, LLC. Lots of good stuff there.

So, what's your pick? Dig deep, now!

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