What's The Best Fuel-Efficient Enthusiast Daily Driver?

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Not all of us have the space or money to manage multiple cars for multiple purposes. Instead, we need a balance of fun, economy, and comfort. What's the best fuel-efficient enthusiast daily-driver?


Since the government will soon be repealing fun it's time to draw the line somewhere. Overall, we're pleased with the Volkswagen GTI. The turbo 2.0-liter four-banger is good for more than 200 HP, appealing to the enthusiast, and yet the little hatch manages to turn out 21 MPG city and 31 MPG on the highway, appealing to the economy-minded driver. Compared with other alternatives the GTI also offers reasonable room for carting gear and passengers, as well as a high level of cabin comfort. While it won't outrun a V8 Mustang or out-corner a Lotus, it'll keep you respectable while allowing you room for more. Overall, the GTI is a nice blend of worlds for the commuter with a healthy passion for driving.


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The Mazda Miata seems an obvious candidate. Lightweight, nimble, thrifty, (especially the older NA and NB cars) , reliable, and RWD.