Following up on what we reported two weeks ago, Nissan announced that the production of New York's future taxis is well underway at the company's assembly plant in Mexico. So yes, after years of Crown Vics, a Japanese car will be the main vehicle in the fleet. Will this be the best NYC taxi ever? Doubtful.

Many of us thought they should have picked the Ford Transit Connect instead of the Nissan, but let's not forget that it's made in Europe (or at least Turkey). Another solution could have been using the Chevrolet City Express, which is a NV200 with a bowtie, but let's just say no to shameless badge engineering, shall we?

Instead, check out what's coming in the following few month, New York.

It's a decent package but for the lack of a V8. We're gonna miss the V8, just like smoking on an airplane. But both are bad for pandas, and it's all about the pandas now, so just live with it.


Now, check out this infographic, and tell us below which NY taxi would you rock the most.

I'm a Checker guy.