Luddite Week comes crashing to a! I went car-shopping with a friend of mine a couple of weeks back. He's convinced that the car for him is an Audi A3. A fine, solid choice in my opinion. Yes of course I explained to him that for the money, a pistonhead would be better served in a 4-door GTI (or a WRX wagon) but he can afford the premium and likes the status of owning an Audi, even the little baby Volkswagen one. So be it. I particularly liked the "Open Sky" option, which is corporate nonsense for not one but two sun roofs (er, one sun roof and one moon roof, but still: cool) as they collaborated to make the wee car feel quite roomy. But the killer app was found in the glove box. There, sitting in its own little cubbyhole, was an iPod dock. Plug and play and forget it's even there, as you can change songs via steering wheel buttons. The new STI best have that option. You hearing me Subaru? Anyhow, your thoughts?


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