What's It Really Like To Build And Race A 24 Hours Of LeMons Machine?

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We've seen a lot of videos made by LeMons teams about their racing experience, but this one may be the best yet. It's the story of Team First Blood's adventures at LeMons Detroit-ish 2008.


The music selection could have been a bit more creative, and the editing is on the hyperkinetic side, but those are just quibbles; this film follows Team First Blood from initial purchase, through the entire build, onto the race track… and then right to the People's Curse. Yes, this is the only team in 24 Hours Of LeMons History to win the People's Curse and the People's Choice!

Remember, the next LeMons race is just two weeks from today. See you there!

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I'm still trying to figure out how to convince my Dad and brothers to put together a LeMons racer, (if they did, it would most likely be appearing at a Reno or Thunderhill race in '10.) Unfortunately, the toy budget seems to be in the process of getting diverted into nitro RC trucks (which in theory, would cost around the same price as a LeMons racer for a good one) so it might be a bit of a tricky sell for now.