What's It Like To Drive A Ford Model A Dragster On The Street?

Vintage drag racing is sort of like a Civil War reenactment with pellet guns — you take something that was once hugely dangerous and kind of insane, and do it in an ever-so-slightly safer manner.

In this episode of Big Muscle, Mike Musto drives a 1929 Ford Model A nostalgia dragster, which is gearhead shorthand for an 83-year-old chassis with the aerodynamic profile of a laundromat, a Chevrolet small block V8 (sacrilege?) and hand-cut drag slicks.

In its day, this vintage Ford ran 10s at 125 mph in NHRA. It's been detuned since then, but judging from the seating position and construction, it only looks to be a scintilla less sketchy.

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Frank Grimes

Taillight from easy bake oven plumbing equipment? This guy sounds like he had no idea what he is talking about and dissing on this car. IT IS A 1929 FORD! IT IS VERY OLD! No need to mock it for it's lack of technology or obsolescence it is extremely old and everyone knows that. It is a drag car it is not going to go around corners!!!!