What's Chrysler Going To Do With Their New 'Trackhawk' Name?

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Chrysler's published a trademark for "Trackhawk" as a vehicle name. The obvious guess would be that's the label the next high-performance Jeep Grand Cherokee will carry, coming in line with their "Trailhawk" off-road badging. Any speculation on specifics of when or what exactly the badge will be on?


Car & Driver's Andrew Wendler thinks Jeep is basically sorting out their branding as SRT is reabsorbed by Dodge, which seems likely. He's also hopeful Jeep might be planning some over-the-top Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee to replace the current 470-horsepower SRT performance model, which seems extremely unlikely.


An evolution of the ass-hauling Grand Cherokee's badging is almost definitely what we're looking at, unless Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne wants to prove he's completely nuts and turns the next Wrangler into a low-slung sports car.

The official trademark filing, apparently first pitched this summer and published just a couple weeks ago for "motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, their structural parts, trim and badges." So if Chrysler ends up using it, it's going to be on a model somewhere in the lineup.

Hat tip to Allpar! Image: Jeep, speculated on by Andrew P. Collins

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